Bob wants a better future for everyone in the 2nd Legislative District in Rensselaer County.

Bob’s experience and success in risk management and finance for local governments in New York is what we need to promote innovation and efficiency in our county government.

Bob wants to see:

Responsible Development

  • Prioritize local businesses over big box stores so we create real employment opportunities for our residents.
  • Demand aggressive clean energy goals to green our county and create more good paying jobs.

A Safer Community

  • Ensure all of our county public safety personnel—fire, EMT, police, 911—have the training and resources they need.
  • Support our District Attorney, County Court and public defenders to create justice-based programs that provide new pathways for offenders to lead more productive lives.

Pandemic Recovery

  • Facilitate the delivery of crucial county-based health care, including vaccinations and COVID education, mental and behavioral health care.
  • Protect our seniors by making sure the highest safety standards are maintained in all health care settings.